Lake Nosbonsing – An Angler’s Paradise

Lake Nosbonsing is a scenic and popular fishing spot that is located near Lake Nipissing. It’s situated South of North Bay in Ontario, and it is the result of the glacial outflow from the Great Lakes. Lake Nosbonsing is an angler’s paradise, and it offers so many fishing opportunities without the challenges of the big water. It is tucked away in the Almaguin Highlands, and the magnificent hills only add to the beauty of the lake. It’s an irregular shaped lake that is approximately seven miles long, and it covers over 1600 acres in area.

Thousands of visitors head to Lake Nosbonsing each year to take advantage of the many fishing opportunities that can be found here. The lake plays host to rock bass, yellow perch, smallmouth bass, northern pike and muskellunge.

The area transforms into a frozen wonderland during the winter months. Visitors will notice the various ice huts and anglers trying their hand at ice fishing. Lake Nosbonsing offers seasonal fishing, and there are numerous places to camp along the shoreline. The surrounding area is home to many industries like forestry, farming and logging. It is also steeped in history because it is the location where the first spike was driven to start the CPR Trans-Continental Railway.  Bonfield and Astorville are charming towns that are located in the area, and they offer a variety of accommodations and dining establishments. Here you will find fantastic holiday homes, bed and breakfasts, campsites and other high quality lodging to suit any tourist.

Fishing enthusiasts will find that the walleye exhibits the biggest challenges, and it is one of the main attractions in Lake Nosbonsing. The peak action usually hits after the opener in May, but for those who are experienced in catching this dynamic fish, it can continue throughout the summer. Some popular techniques include drift fishing with live bait, Kwikfish and trolling Rapalas.

Other Popular Varieties in Lake Nosbonsing
The largest predator in Lake Nosbonsing is the Muskie. Pike and bass are other popular varieties to be found here too. Muskies that have come out of the lake have been known to tip the scales at around 50 pounds. Some favorite spots to catch Muskie around the lake include Sunken Island and Narrows, and they can be found by trolling and casting Mepp’s Muskie Killers. Pike fishing is also gaining in popularity throughout the area, and the previous tournament winners have been around 38 inches.

Even though the lake is not known for its bass, you can still find decent sized smallmouth and largemouth bass. A great location for those in search of largemouth bass is to try the Railway Bay on the north shore.

Lake Nosbonsing is a great location for tourists who are looking to experience the beauty of Ontario, Canada. It’s a perfect setting for those that want to escape and enjoy the picturesque views, and all of the fishing that the lake has to offer.




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